Explicitly designed for large breeds up to 220 lbs

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Your Affordable In-House MRI Solution

SPEC Dedicated Veterinary MRI

MRI is often considered the best-advanced modality when performing diagnostic imagining of neurological conditions, just as it is for human patients. The innovative U-Vet MRI brings the greater capability to your practice, making you the veterinarian of choice when diagnostic imaging is needed. U-VET MRI is specially designed in collaboration with veterinary professionals to deliver exceptional image quality for a wide range of breeds and sizes.

Smart Financing

Engineered for Veterinary Practitioners

Address the Specific Needs of Veterinary Doctors

Animal Conscious Technology™ (ACT™)

With the unique U-shaped body and the sliding V-bloc table designs, the SPEC U-Vet MRI enables easy patient handling and monitoring that significantly improves diagnostic efficiency while minimizing the risk of anesthesia. Thanks to its wide opening design, larger breeds up to 220lbs can also be accommodated quickly and comfortably. Also, U-Vet MRI is compatible with the use of existing anesthesia equipment.

Optimal Positioning

SPEC U-Vet MRI is designed to provide fast and safe patient positioning with the laser-guided system that accurately identifies the scan region. Animals can be positioned comfortably in the prone or supine positions during the scan, maintaining an exemplary orientation for spinal cord imaging. Patient movements are minimized to produce superior artifact-free images.

Superior Image Quality

SPEC U-Vet MRI is powered by a 0.35 Tesla “mid-field” magnet producing premium images that lead to effective and reliable diagnoses. SPEC’s advanced Active Shielding Technology effectively reduces harmful eddy current which results in artifact-free images. A complete set of veterinary specific multi-channel receiving coils empowers top-notch image quality for different anatomic areas. All MRI sequences are re-programmed and optimized to address the specific needs of veterinary professionals.

Clinical Images

MRI for Everyone

SPEC has partnered with veterinary professionals to craft the U-Vet MRI as well as its MRI Imaging Workstation. The user-friendly Windows-based Imaging Workstation allows operators to get familiar with the system after an on-site crash training program. Therefore, any existing staff can operate a SPEC MRI – even those without imaging experiences. SPEC MRI comes with a sophisticated remote assistant software that allows real-time technical coaching and support, also available during examinations. SPEC Imaging Station is PACS compatible allowing users to send clinical studies to one of our partnered radiologists over the internet just a few clicks away.

Single Room Installation

Minimum room size: 16’5’’ x 10’ = 165 sq. Feet

MRI Siting

Having an In-House SPEC MRI is Easier than You Think

SPEC Smart Financing Options

With our affordable and flexible ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ & Zero Down Payment leasing option, having an in-house MRI is easier than you think. The break-even point is reached at an achievable case volume, as low as two cases per week. Every additional study generates profit contribution to your organization. Installation, on-site training, and technical support are included for the life of the contract term, and no additional construction cost with SPEC’s light weighted modular RF shielding cage, which minimizes MRI siting requirements.

Smart Financing

24/7 Access to SPEC MRI

Having 24/7 access to your SPEC MRI is vital at your busy practice. The SPEC technical support team is firmly committed to maintaining the uptime of your MRI system and is ready to offer you expert support whether remotely, via phone, or in person. SPEC MRI systems achieved 99% uptime with the SPEC Proactive Maintenance Strategy.

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